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KDevelop - IDE for C/C++, Python, QML/JavaScript and PHP

KDevelop is a free integrated development environment (IDE). There is source code navigation and debugging for projects in different programming languages, work with different build and version control systems, and all this is implemented on a modular basis.

KDevelop can analyze code in C, C++ and Javascript/QML, and there are also external modules for PHP and Python.

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Lazarus - visual development environment in Pascal (Delphi)

Lazarus is an integrated cross-platform software development environment in a Delphi-like environment in the Object Pascal language for the Free Pascal Compiler (often abbreviated FPC).
It is currently the only Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that allows Delphi programmers to create GUI applications for Linux (and other non-Windows) systems.
Allows you to easily transfer Delphi programs with a graphical interface to various operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Android.

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