• Protected Ubuntu*Pack

    Protected Ubuntu*Pack:

    • expert opinion from the SSSCPI of Ukraine
    • Guarantees for the implementation of G-3 security services are provided
    • for automated systems (AS) class 1, 2, 3
    • protection of state secrets and personal data
    • suitable for servers and workstations

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  • Tech support

    Tech support from UALinux

    • Technical support is carried out in the mode of "question and answer"
    • Free - through the forum
    • By subscription

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  • Ubuntu EducationPack

    Ubuntu EducationPack

    Designed to help in organizing
    the educational process and education.

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provider of services for the development and implementation of licensed software based on GNU/Linux in Ukraine in government bodies and private companies of any level.

An integrated approach, high professionalism and responsibility of our specialists, speed and quality of work allow our clients to use their own resources most efficiently to improve the competitiveness, legality, transparency and profitability of their business.
We are a reliable partner who is able to accurately and quickly fulfill our obligations.

Our goal is not just to promote one or another type of software based on GNU/Linux, but to create complex modern technological solutions and train highly qualified specialists who can effectively use and service modern telecommunication and information technologies in the widest possible fields of activity.




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