GamePack 16.04 (2018.06)

- operating system based on Ubuntu, that will provide a guaranteed start in more than 28,924 games and applications for MS Windows and MS-DOS, and original, designed specifically for GNU/Linux platform.

Modern operating system is unthinkable without the games, and Ubuntu is no exception.
For many people, the biggest obstacle in the transition from Windows to Ubuntu was just the game, or rather the lack of good games.
Now, thanks to Ubuntu GamePack this big gap disappearing.

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This distribution is based on Ubuntu OEM and includes all of its features, and also includes:

Preinstalled delivery systems via the Internet games and applications:


service digital distribution of computer games and programs.
(more than 10 654 games and applications)

more ...


open gaming platform for game and manage them from a single interface.
(more than 1 374 games)


Also in the distribution is a means to run Windows/DOS -based games:


The application provides a guaranteed job
more than 748 Windows-Games

more detail ...

Run any Windows-based applications or games.
(possibly require additional settings for specific games and applications)

more detail ...


The application provides a guaranteed job
(more than 15 300 games and applications)

more detail...

Run any DOS-based applications or games.
(more than 848 games)
(possibly require additional settings for specific games and applications)

more detail about the DOSBox and DOSEmu

And also:

The distribution includes support Adobe Flash & Oracle Java, which allows without any problems run a large number of online-games.

Connected to one of the largest repositories with a collection of different games.

more detail ...
(more than 382 games)

Sparky APTus Gamer

- a utility that makes it easy to install support for different consoles, emulators and other tools for gamers from a large list.

more detail ...

Gnome Twitch

- it is an opportunity, in a separate window to enjoy gaming and video streaming (cyber tournaments, various competitions and other cyber stream from the usual players)

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