Ubuntu EducationPack 16.04 (2020.10)

Designed to help in the organization of the educational process and education.

The distribution kit out of the box provides a fully customized solution for an educational institution of any category (junior, middle and senior schools, lyceums, colleges, as well as higher educational institutions such as institutes, universities and others).

Also, this kit is perfect for installation on computers with limited Internet connections (for example, a school in a village) or located in a closed corporate network of an educational institution.

It contains the widest and most complete set of more than 150 pre-installed programs for education, science, programming and educational process organization, which are successfully used in different countries.

Additional discs include more than 80 more educational programs, educational programs for students "Basic Computer Science" and "Courses for Teachers", as well as images for deploying an LTSP server.

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An LTSP server will allow older computers (even ten or more years old) to be used as diskless workstations (thin LTSP clients) that boot from the network without having to install them. In this case, user home directories are located centrally on the server.

Considering that many training programs are also available for Windows, the WINE package is pre-installed in the distribution kit, which will allow you to run them.

Thus, we strive to help and provide educational institutions with a cheaper alternative to expensive software that will meet all the necessary requirements and help in education and organization of the educational process.

Using EducationPack you get a wide range of educational programs and economic benefits. All programs are free functional analogs of expensive software.

This distribution was created on the basis of Ubuntu OEM and includes all its features, and also additionally contains:

more than 230 applications for education on the topics of astronomy, chemistry, programming, geography, mathematics, algebra, geometry, physics, electronics, graphics, music, computer and other

iTest - a system that allows you to conduct tests or exams in the classroom with a convenient management of the question/answer database and clear results reports.

office package Libreoffice (texts, tables, presentations) (compatible with MS Office) with support for importing MS Visio files

✔ a vast number of programs for creativity (working with audio, video and graphics)

LTSP - a system that allows the network to deploy a full-fledged system on students' weak computers (terminals) by using the capacity of the teacher's computer (server).

✔ software for managing students 'computers, broadcasting the teacher's screen to pupils' screens, remote launching of programs, etc. (analogues Radmin: iTalk, Epoptes, Veyon)

Open-Sankoré - interactive whiteboard software compatible with any projector and pointing device

Oracle Java - for full support of Java-applications

WINE, which will allow you to run and run in many windows applications

✔ when accessing the Internet, you are connected to one of the largest repositories with a collection of more than 990 applications


Most of the programs included in the Ubuntu EducationPack are also for Windows platforms, which should not create problems with their further use in the educational process on different platforms.

The complete set consists of 6 DVDs and contains over 230 educational applications.

Of them:

  • control of students' computers by the teacher;
  • a system of management and training online; collective teaching, learning and testing;
  • creating timetables for classes of educational institutions for distributing the burden on teachers;
  • a set of administrative programs for schools;
  • educational games for children from 2 years (development of memory, attention);
  • programs for studying algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, geography, astronomy, etc.;
  • visual development environments for programming languages in C++, C#, Mono, Pascal, Java.

and also:

  • dynamic geometric environment; solution and construction of graphs of mathematical expressions; Computer algebra system (CAS);
  • a package of applied mathematical programs that provides a powerful environment for engineering (technical) and scientific calculations;
  • drawing and calculations of chemical structures; viewing macro molecules and preparing to publish their images; editor of chemical schemes and reactions;
  • schematic creation of electronic circuits, graphic simulators of computer networks and electrical circuits;
  • digital oscilloscope; design of electronic devices and printed circuit boards;
  • work with electronic maps (GIS);
  • programs for training memory, hearing, sight.

▼ Disk No. 1,2 (operating system) - 151 applications:

Kstars - Desktop Planetarium
Stellarium - Planetarium
Celestia - 3D Planetarium to explore the Universe
Gpredict - real-time satellite tracking
Xtide - Provides forecasts of ebb and flow

Chemtool - drawing and calculating chemical structures
Kalzium - periodic table and chemistry related tools
GPeriodic - Periodic Table of Mendeleev
RasMol - Viewing macro molecules and preparing their images for publication
Avogadro - Molecular Design and Modeling System
Melting - calculating the melting point of amino acid pairs
EasyChem - High quality image of molecules and 2D chemical formulas
Gdis - Molecule and Crystal Model Viewer
PyMol - Molecular Graphics System
ViewMol - computational chemistry programs>
GChemPaint - 2D editor of chemical elements

Bluefish Editor - powerful HTML editor
Lazarus - development environment for graphical and console applications on Free Pascal
Gambas - Visual IDE for GNOME
KTurtle - educational programming environment
KDevelop - Visual Development Environment for KDE
Scratch - Create stories, games and cartoons
Laby - learning to program with ants and spider webs
Yorick - An interpreted language for scientific computing and graphics
FP-IDE - Free Pascal Integrated Development Environment
DDD (Data Display Debugger) - graphical interface for debuggers: GDB, DBX, XDB, JDB and others
DrPython - editor / development environment for Python programs
Umbrello - UML model tool and code generator

KGeography - teaching geography
Marble - table globe
GLandKarteGT - creating maps (GeoTiff and vector) for GPS and controlling GPS receivers
GPScorrelate - a program for linking digital photos to GPS data by filling in EXIF ​​fields
GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) - geographic information system (GIS)
OpenSceneGraph - a toolkit for developing applications for flight simulators, virtual reality and more
Thuban - interactive view of geographic data
Viking - GPS data editor, analyzer and viewer

Xaos - Interactive Fractal Zoomer in Real Time
TuxPaint - drawing program for children
Pinta - bitmap graphics editor, alternative to Paint.NET
GIMP - powerful raster graphics editor
Inkscape is a powerful vector graphics editor
Dia - editor for diagrams, graphs, diagrams, etc.
LibreCad - computer-aided design (CAD)
Scribus - Desktop Publishing System
Blender - 3D modeling and rendering system
KolourPaint a simple application for painting and editing images
Pencil2D - creating hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using raster and vector graphics
XPaint - A simple program for painting in X
Hugin - creating panoramic photos
TGif - 2D vector graphics editor
gImageReader - OCR, alternative to FineReader
XFig - a tool for interactive drawing

Kanagram - jumbled word puzzle
KHangMan - Hangman puzzle
KLettres - drawing program for children
Parley - vocabulary trainer
KWordQuiz - Flash training programs
OpenDict - a computer dictionary for DICT, Slowo, Mova and Lingvo dictionaries
Kiten - a set of reference and learning tools for learning Japanese
Dict - client-server dictionary
WordNet - electronic lexical database of the English language
Festival - multilingual speech synthesis system
Klavaro - keyboard trainer
KTouch - keyboard trainer
TypeSpeed ​​ - correct typing of words flying across the screen
TuxType is a typing game starring Tux

Blinken - a memory game
GCompris - educational game for children from 2 to 10 years old
pySioGame - a package of educational games for children from 3 to 10 years old
Ktuberling - picture game for children
LMemory - games for kids to develop memory
Childsplay - a set of educational games for young children
PySyCache - teach kids to use a mouse
Atomix - puzzle with the construction of molecules from individual atoms
Einstein - logic game based on the Einstein puzzle
Gamine - game for children of 2 years old using a mouse to draw
GBrainy - puzzles and exercises to develop logical thinking
Ri-Li - toy train simulator
cGoBan - board for playing Go
GNUchess - chess
GTans - Tangram Puzzle Game
XBoard - graphic chess board
Crafty - strong chess program for playing through ICC server

Cantor - a wrapper for math software
KAlgebra - solving and plotting mathematical expressions
Kbruch - calculations with fractions
Kig - an interactive geometry tool
KmPlot - math functions plotter
GeoGebra - dynamic geometric environment
Euler - interactive mathematical programming environments
Mathomatic - Portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)
Octave - a high-level language for numerical computing
Drgeo - interactive geometric program
Rocs - an integrated development environment for graph theory
Algobox - familiarity with algorithms
Lybniz - math function graph builder
Tuxmath - a game for developing arithmetic skills in children
Geomview - interactive view of geometry
GNUplot - utility for plotting graphics
Grace - XY Chart Drawing Tool
Graphmonkey - calculator
Xabacus - modeling an ancient calculator
Gretl is a regression, econometric and time library for econometric analysis.
Qliss3D - a tool for showing Lissajous figures
Yacas is a small and very flexible language for computer algebra.

Step - simulation of physics experiments
LightSpeed ​​ - shows how objects moving at near light speeds look like
NumptyPhysics is a puzzle game that applies the laws of physics to painted objects
TomBoy - Wiki-style note-taking with links
Planets - gravity simulator of planets
EToys - a multimedia development environment for modeling

Oregano - schematic creation of electronic circuits
Xoscope - digital oscilloscope
QElectroTech - electronic circuit editor
Electric - computer-aided design (CAD) of electrical systems
Pcb - Interactive PCB Editor
Fritzing - electronic design software

Solfege - hearing training
AudaCity - food editor
HydroGen - Drum Machine / Step Sequencer
TuxGuitar - multitrack editor and guitar tablature player
LinGot - application for tuning musical instruments
TerminatorX - Real Time Sound Synthesizer
PianoBooster - mastering the piano by playing

LibreOffice - office suite
Caliber - converting e-books and cataloging them
Gobby - infinote-based text editor for co-editing
Gramps - Genealogical Research Program
PDFmod - tool to modify PDF documents
Krecipes - recipe book
Okular - viewing files / documents of various formats
Liferea - RSS feed reader

Network / Internet:
Open-Sankore - interactive whiteboard
LTSP - terminal server
Epoptes - Computer Lab Management Tool
Veyon - monitoring computers and classroom management
iTalc - Intelligent Teaching and Learning from Computers
FET - timetable generator for educational institutions
iTest - computer testing
Zoom - conference call client

OpenShot - Video Editor
Flatpak - A package management utility similar to SNAP
VYM (View Your Mind) - a link visualization tool
Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK)
Gnome Tweak Tool - Tool for tweaking GNOME settings
K3b - CD / DVD burning application
WINE - a tool for launching Windows programs
Jxplorer - LDAP scan
Tilp2 - PC communication <-> Texas Instruments using any type of connecting cable
Jclic - a tool for developing and using multimedia educational exercises

▼ Disc No. 3 (supplement) - 84 applications:

Freeplane - a program for working with associative maps

Anki - a program for memorizing foreign words
Collatinus - lemmatization of Latin texts

K3DSurf - a tool for working with math surfaces
MathWar - learning elementary arithmetic using flashcards
Scilab - scientific software package for numerical calculations (analogue of MatLab)
WxMaxima - Maxima computer algebra system with graphical interface
Kile - an integrated framework for composing LaTeX documents
Pari-gp - PARI / GP Computer algebra binary system
R-cran-rcmdr - simple interface for basic statistics in R language
Rkward - interface to the R statistics language

KDEedu - educational applications from the KDE suite
FlashQard - a program to improve the learning process
iGNUit - memorization based on the Leitner card system
Mnemosyne - Intelligent Memory Training Using Flashcards
Pauker - flashcard-based tutorial on a variety of topics
jMemorize - memorizing by cards

Gns3 - graphical simulator of computer networks
Eagle - PCB Design Package
gEDA - design and editing of electronic devices, circuits
KiCad - Wiring & PCB Design Kit
Qucs - universal electrical circuit simulator
TkGate - digital simulator of chain of controlled events
GtkWave - view VCD files (value change dump)

LLetters - a game that teaches small children words and numbers
GMult - find out which letters are numbers
Phun (Algodoo) - 2D multi-simulation of physics processes
pySioGame - a package of educational games for children from 3 to 10 years old

Alchemy - open blueprint project
Qosmic - recursive fractal editor
Veusz - scientific graphics package
Xaos - interactive fractal Zoomer in real time

KompoZer - a system for visual development of HTML pages

OOoLight - an extremely light office for children
VYM - (View Your Mind) link visualization tool

LittleWizard - environment for teaching children to program
Kumir - programming system Kumir
Anjuta - Integrated Development Environment for C / C ++
BOUML - UML Editor
Code :: Blocks IDE - Integrated Development Environment
codelite - powerful and lightweight C / C ++ IDE
Eclipse - Advanced Tooling Platform and Java IDE
Eric python IDE - full featured IDE for Python and Ruby
FlameRobin - Firebird DBMS administration tool
Geany - fast and light development environment
Glade is an interface designer for building GNOME applications
GNUSim8085 - Intel 8085 processor emulator
IDLE - IDE for Python using Tkinter
Intellij IDEA - IDE for Java by JetBrains
Q7Basic (KBasic) - development environment for the Basic language
kdesvn - graphical svn client for Subversion
MonoDevelop - development environment
NetBeans IDE - Advanced Java IDE
Poedit - Gettext directory editor
QDevelop - a development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4
KDEWebDev - software package for web development
TheIDE Ultimate ++ - a cross-platform C ++ development environment
USBprog - a tool for flashing hardware USBprog
Web Developer Tools - Useful tools for web developers
XOJO Studio - cross-platform application development environment

Science :
BKchem - editor of chemical schemes and reactions
fityk - free peak analyzer
Gabedit QC-GUI - GUI for Ab Initio packages
KSeg Geometry Sketchpad - sketchbook for geometry

Disk No. 4 contains LTSP images of thin clients (in 32 and 64 bit editions) and brief instructions on how to deploy and run thick and thin clients.
Disks No. 5, 6 contain LTSP images of thick clients (32 and 64 bit editions)

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