Updating Ubuntu ServerPack 20.04 and 18.04

Ubuntu ServerPack - Ubuntu Server Pack is a complete set of server software that allows you to deploy a full-fledged Enterprise server(s).
It is ready for use and integration in any IT environment, including a heterogeneous one in which other servers and other platforms are already present.

The kit is a self-contained solution, which allows its full implementation both in a completely isolated and closed corporate network (enterprise / company / government institution) with limited access without the ability to access the Internet, and in an open network with access to the Internet.

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Extension of validity of the expert opinion “Ubuntu*Pack 20.04”

Taking into account the martial law in Ukraine, introduced by Decree of the President of Ukraine No.64/2022 dated 02.24.2022 and to ensure the continued functioning of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, registers and other important information and communication systems, the Administration of the State Special Communications Agency decided to extend the validity period of expert opinion No.1133 dated 07.09. 2020 for a set of software protection tools “Operating system Ubuntu*Pack 20.04” until the end of martial law in Ukraine and for six months after its end.

ExtensionOfTheTerm 20 04

Updated Ubuntu RescuePack 23.11

A planned update of the rescue/antivirus disk was carried out - Ubuntu RescuePack 23.11 - designed to combat computer viruses on both infected systems(MS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, etc.), and individual media/files.

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Updated "Protected Ubuntu*Pack 20.04" for workstations

Updated "Protected Ubuntu*Pack 20.04" for workstations with a positive expert opinion SSSCIP Ukraine and included in the list of technical information protection tools allowed to ensure the technical protection of public information resources and information.
The combination of security services: 3.КЦД. = {КД-2, КА-1, КА-2, КО-1, КВ-2, ЦД-1, ЦА-1, ЦА-2, ЦВ-2, ДР-1, ДЗ-1, ДС-1, ДВ-1, НР-3, НИ-3, НК-1, НО-3, НЦ-2, НТ-3, НВ-2} implemented in accordance with the guarantee level of security services Г-3 for automated systems of classes AC-1 AC-2, AC-3.

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