Ubuntu - It is an operating system that is ideal for use on personal computers, laptops and servers. It contains all the necessary programs that you need.

Proxmox - is developed by Proxmox Mail Gateway (anti-spam and mail gateway) and Proxmox VE (medium for using the latest virtualization technologies).
These products simplify installation, maintenance and ensure reliable system operation, as well as reduce the total cost of ownership and speed of implementation.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) - is a software product for automating joint work of working groups, which, by its capabilities, can easily compete with Microsoft Exchange, Google Docs and Google Apps.
ZCS offers versions: Open Source Edition, Standard Edition, Professional Edition. Versions Consumer Edition and Business Email Edition are available only for hosting providers.



- Sale of licensed programs.

SoftMart - Hypermarket licensed software. Reliable partner in the world of licensed software. Implementation of almost all software products and solutions that are presented in Ukraine today.

ООО "Софтлист"
- delivery of licensed software, as well as work in such areas of information technology as: information security; integration of computer and network systems; consulting and technical support; help in the implementation of ideas and the sale of licensed software.

Allsoft - online store licensed software. Provides fast delivery (electronic and physical), provides 20 payment methods and a cumulative system of discounts. Allsoft specialists provide buyers with all the necessary advice related to the purchase of licensed software.
Компания "OnlySoft" - formed to promote the market of small and medium-sized businesses, the academic sector and government agencies solutions and services in the field of software legalization, consulting and software sales from well-known world developers.

INFORMATION PARTNERS Your guide in the world of Linux. News from the world of free software, educational and training materials. Reviews of free operating systems, practical tips on installing and configuring programs for them.

Data center FREEhost.UA - hosting, VPS, rental and server hosting. Providing site hosting services since 2004, availability guarantee at the level of 99.98%

The main goal of the UbuntuEasy project is to ease the transition to Ubuntu Linux for novice users. The description and usage tips will help you make the transition to Ubuntu Linux more comfortably.

The Soft Help resource was created as a site based on tips, comments, descriptions of solutions to many problems with Windows, Ubuntu Linux operating systems.


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