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Gramps - helps you track your family tree

Gramps is a program for genealogical research. It is an extremely flexible program that meets the needs of both the amateur genealogist and the serious genealogical researcher. Allows you to store, edit, and research genealogical data.
Has the ability to import GEDCOM files exported from many proprietary genealogy programs and can generate a large number of reports in many popular formats. This allows any piece of information to be entered directly into Gramps and any event to be manipulated across the entire database (in any order), helping the user research, analyze and find connections with the ability to fill gaps in relationships.

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VYM - connection visualization tool

Vym (View Your Mind) is a mind diagramming program. It is useful for organizing thoughts and working on structuring something.
A connection diagram (mind map, mindmap) is a color radial diagram with an image in the center, illustrating semantic and other connections between parts of scientific material.
For example, it can graphically illustrate the structure of a dissertation plan, a project plan, or the structure of government institutions in an area.
Communication diagrams have many applications in personal, family, educational, and business situations.
Opportunities include note-taking, brainstorming, summarizing, revising, and general clarification of thoughts.

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