Our new product Ubuntu RescuePack!

We are glad to present our new product - Ubuntu RescuePack, a "live operating system" designed to help you fight computer viruses!

It is an antivirus solution for the treatment of infected systems (MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, etc.), media and individual files.

The system is based on the Ubuntu*Pack 16.04 (Xfce) distribution and only runs on 64-bit AMD / Intel processors.

What is included in the system:

Ubuntu ServerPack 20.04 distribution release

Ubuntu ServerPack - Ubuntu Server Pack is a complete set of server software that allows you to deploy a full-fledged Enterprise server(s).
The distribution kit is based on the Ubuntu Server 20.04 operating system code base, which will ensure its long-term maintenance and use and includes all its innovations.
It is ready for use and integration in any IT environment, including a heterogeneous one in which other servers and other platforms are already present.

The kit is a self-contained solution, which allows its full implementation both in a completely isolated and closed corporate network (enterprise / company / government institution) with limited access without the ability to access the Internet, and in an open network with access to the Internet.

What's new:

Ubuntu GamePack 20.04 release - platforms for running games

Ubuntu GamePack 20.04 distribution is available for download - an operating system that includes tools and means to guarantee the start of more than 85.842 games, both specially designed for Linux and developed for Windows, DOS, various game consoles Sega, Nintendo, PSP, Sony PlayStation, ZX Spectrum and many others.
The distribution is based on the operating system Ubuntu*Pack 20.04 (Like Win), which by default offers a Windows 10-style interface.

The distribution includes:

Ubuntu BusinessPack 20.04 Distribution Release

The distribution kit is based on the operating system Ubunt*Pack 20.04 (Like Win), which allows its long use, includes all its innovations and has an interface familiar to most users.

It is an ideal solution for using it on personal computers, laptops:
✔ in the corporate environment of the enterprise;
✔ in government agencies;
✔ on your computer at home and in the office.

It additionally adds:



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