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Ubuntu*Pack (OEMPack) 20.04 Distribution Release

The distribution kit Ubuntu*Pack 20.04 is available for free download which is presented in the form of 13 independent systems with various interfaces: Original Ubuntu and other Budgie, Cinnamon, GNOME, GNOME Classic, GNOME Flashback, KDE (Kubuntu), LXqt (Lubuntu), MATE, Unity, Xfce (Xubuntu).
Plus two new interfaces: DDE (Deepin desktop) and Like Win (Windows 10-style interface).

All images for 64-bit platforms.
The distributions are based on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS operating system, which allows them to be used for a long time and, accordingly, include all its innovations.

What's new in distributions:

Ubuntu*Pack 20.04 got expert opinion SSSCIP Ukraine

"Ubuntu*Pack 20.04" received an expert opinion of the SSSCIP of Ukraine and entered the list of technical information protection tools allowed to provide technical protection of state information resources and information, the requirement for which protection is established by law, which allows its use in systems where information with limited information circulates access.

Ubuntu GamePack 18.04 release - platforms for launching games

Available for download Ubuntu GamePack 18.04 - a system that includes means for guaranteed launch of more than 55,584 games and applications, both specially designed for the GNU / Linux platform, and developed for MS Windows and MS-DOS.
Ubuntu GamePack 16.04 has also been updated.

What's new regarding last release:

Upgraded Windows EducationPack to 19.11

Updated and available for free download Windows EducationPack 19.11 - the most comprehensive collection of OpenSource software for the MS Windows operating system, designed to organize and simplify the learning process in educational institutions.

The supplement contains 70 educational and scientific applications and will be useful to schools (including elementary grades), lyceums and higher educational institutions (institutes, universities). Also in it there are programs for managing and controlling the educational process.



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