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OpenBoard - interactive whiteboard application

Interactive software for working with the board. OpenBoard gives you the opportunity to teach in different ways using current learning tools.
OpenBoard is intended for use primarily in schools, and can be used with both interactive whiteboards and touch or add-on screens.

✔ drawing tools (pen, felt-tip pen);
✔ many different elements can be added to the canvas, including text fields, images, videos, music and widgets (native or HTML/JavaScript);
✔ simple management of all these elements through the panel built into the “library”;
✔ search tools to get photos, videos and audio from Planete Sankore, abulEdu and Pixabay;
✔ Screencast function (OS X and Windows only);
✔ desktop mode, which easily allows you to comment on anything outside the OpenBoard canvas;
✔ built-in web browser.




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