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Denemo - graphic editor of musical notes for Lilypond

Denemo is a program designed to prepare sheet music for further processing and publication using LilyPond.
This is not a WYSIWYG music editor; its task is to quickly type notes, without displaying them correctly. Almost all input functions are implemented using hot keys, which actually speeds up the typing process, according to the developers. Some keyboard commands are the same as the corresponding commands in the Lilypond syntax: for example, moving the cursor or note an octave up and down is done with the keys ' and, respectively, the beginning and end of a phrasing line - ( and ), etc. Command overrides are available, so the user can customize the environment completely for yourself.
Denemo has different operating modes: insertion modes (normal and classic, which differ in the order of keystrokes when entering notes) and editing. Also, any operation can be performed with the mouse and recognition of their recorded sound, giving musicians a more familiar input method.
By saving scores in the LilyPond format and further editing the resulting source file, you can improve the appearance. It is possible to export scores in ABC music notation format and create MIDI files.




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