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Release of the distribution kit for educational institutions Ubuntu EducationPack 16.04

The distribution is oriented to use in educational institutions of any category and provides from the box a fully customized solution for the educational institution immediately after installation.

The installation disc already contains more than 140 preinstalled programs for education, science, programming and organization of the educational process, and more than 80 programs are available on an additional disk.

Available for download Ubuntu GamePack 16.04 - platform for running games

Available for download Ubuntu GamePack 16.04 - a system that will provide a guaranteed start in more than 22 381 games and applications for MS Windows and MS-DOS, and original, designed specifically for GNU/Linux platform.

NEW regarding the previous version:
- distribution is made on the code base 16.04 with updates for January 2017
- in addition to the previously existing add-ons included in the composition further still:
Lutris gaming platform; CrossOver tool to run Windows-based applications; Utilities DOSBox and DOSEmu to run DOS-application; Sparky APTus Gamer for easy installation of different consoles, emulators and other tools; Gnome Twitch to view streaming video and gaming.

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