Release distribution Ubuntu*Pack (OEMPack) 18.04

The Ubuntu*Pack 18.04 distribution is presented in the form of 11 independent systems with different graphical interfaces.
Images for amd64 platforms: GNOME (Cannonical), Cinnamon, GNOME, GNOME Classic, GNOME Flashback, Unity.
Images for i386 and amd64 platforms: Budgie, KDE (Kubuntu), LXDE (Lubuntu), MATE, Xfce (Xubuntu).
Distributions are based on the operating system Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, which will allow their long use and, accordingly, include all of its innovations.

What's new in distributions and differences from the previous release:
 ✔ the family has replenished with a new build with the Budgie interface
 ✔ includes all official updates of Ubuntu to December 2018

Additionally updated:
  ✔ LibreOffice up to version 6.1.3
  ✔ kernel up to version 4.15

Also additionally installed:
  ✔ boot record recovery utility (Boot Repair)
  ✔ ability to color folders in different colors (Folder Color)
  ✔ support for encrypting folders, partitions and disks (encFS, Veracrypt)
  ✔ Oracle Java 1.8
  ✔ applications for communication via Skype and Viber
  ✔ backup and restore system (TimeShift)
  ✔ utility to recover deleted files (R-Linux)
  ✔ device pop-up notifications utility (Udev Notify)
  ✔ raster (GIMP) and vector (Inkscape) graphic editors
  ✔ powerful universal multimedia player (VLC)
  ✔ Karbo cryptocurrency wallet

and connected repositories:
 CUDA, Google Chrome, MegaSync, OnlyOffice, Opera, TeamViewer, VirtualBox, WineHQ

The main differences between our distributions and the original distribution are the official updates already implemented as of December 2018, additionally installed various graphical interfaces, multimedia and additional drivers and programs that are missing in the original version, but useful in our opinion.
This made it possible to create a self-sufficient solution for Ubuntu*Pack 18.04 installations, both on a new computer equipment and on a home or work computer, even without access to the Internet.

More details on the distribution page here
Download here

Also now it is possible to purchase a distribution kit with technical support not only on DVD, but also on USB Flash



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