Updated Ubuntu RescuePack 20.11

A planned update of the rescue / antivirus disk was carried out - Ubuntu RescuePack 20.11 - a "live operating system" designed to fight computer viruses on infected systems (MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, etc.), media and individual files.

What's new:
✔ added new antivirus Vba32;
✔ updated antivirus eScan 7.0.30;
✔ updated file recovery utility R-Studio 4.9;
updated antivirus databases for all antiviruses: ESET, BitDefender, COMODO, eScan, F-prot, ClamAV, Vba32;

Ubuntu RescuePack is available for free download.
ISO image size 2.7 G.

You can find out more information about the system, as well as download it, on the product page

In order to minimize such cases when you need to get rid of viruses, as well as increase the security of your system as a whole (both an individual computer and the entire infrastructure), we recommend that you use the "Protected Ubuntu*Pack 18.04/20.04", which has expert opinion of the SSSCIP of Ukraine.



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