Updated "Protected Ubuntu*Pack 20.04" for workstations

Updated "Protected Ubuntu*Pack 20.04" for workstations with a positive expert opinion SSSCIP Ukraine and included in the list of technical information protection tools allowed to ensure the technical protection of public information resources and information.
The combination of security services: 3.КЦД. = {КД-2, КА-1, КА-2, КО-1, КВ-2, ЦД-1, ЦА-1, ЦА-2, ЦВ-2, ДР-1, ДЗ-1, ДС-1, ДВ-1, НР-3, НИ-3, НК-1, НО-3, НЦ-2, НТ-3, НВ-2} implemented in accordance with the guarantee level of security services Г-3 for automated systems of classes AC-1 AC-2, AC-3.

What's new:

  • is based on Ubuntu*Pack 20.04 distribution and contains all its updates for April 2023
  • applications removed from the distribution: viber, telegram, zoom, snapd, flatpak, skypeforlinux, torbrowser, wine, telnet, backintime, timeshift, samba, avahi
    and added: aide, auditd, libpam-pkcs11, vlock, apparmor-utils, openscap scanner
  • the installation image already includes most of the requirements of the "Standard System Security Profile", "Center for Internet Security (CIS Level 1 and 2) Workstation Benchmark" for Workstations and Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) V1R1
  • a script has been added to check the system settings for fulfilling all of the above security requirements with the generation of a full HTML-report containing recommendations for additional actions to configure the system security if necessary

More details can be found on the distribution page "Protected Ubuntu*Pack".



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