Ubuntu ServerPack 20.04 distribution release

Ubuntu ServerPack - Ubuntu Server Pack is a complete set of server software that allows you to deploy a full-fledged Enterprise server(s).
The distribution kit is based on the Ubuntu Server 20.04 operating system code base, which will ensure its long-term maintenance and use and includes all its innovations.
It is ready for use and integration in any IT environment, including a heterogeneous one in which other servers and other platforms are already present.

The kit is a self-contained solution, which allows its full implementation both in a completely isolated and closed corporate network (enterprise / company / government institution) with limited access without the ability to access the Internet, and in an open network with access to the Internet.

What's new:
✔ the distribution is based on the Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS operating system code base;
✔ included all official updates until September 2020;
✔ the kernel of the Linux 5.4 system;
✔ added to the installation disk:
- CMS installers: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress;
- Moodle learning management and testing system;
- a solution for creating and using Nextcloud cloud storage;
- application for analytics and interactive visualization Grafana;
- NX NoMachine remote work server and client option;
and other changes.

You can get acquainted with the distribution kit in more detail on its page.

The functionality of this distribution kit is also present in the "Protected Ubuntu*Pack 20.04", which has an expert opinion from the SSSCIP of Ukraine.



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