PROXMOX VE 7.x received an expert opinion from the SSSCIP of Ukraine

Our company, as an official partner of PROXMOX in Ukraine, has received and is the owner of an expert opinion on the PROXMOX VE 7.x virtualization system under No. 28ЕВ dated 06/16/22 from the SSSCIP of Ukraine on compliance with the regulatory documents of the information technical protection system in Ukraine.

The PROXMOX VE virtualization system is included in the "List of Technical Information Protection Tools Allowed to Ensure the Technical Protection of State Information Resources and Information, the Protection Requirement of which is Established by Law", which allows its use in systems where information with restricted access (IwRA) circulates.

Architectural features and a high degree of protection from both internal threats to personnel and cyber threats from deploying the created virtual environment make the system one of the best platforms for creating public and commercial virtual data centers (data processing centers), private and hybrid clouds, as well as hosting and supporting electronic registries (including state registries defined by law) and other systems that require a dynamic architecture, a high level of protection and fault tolerance.

A year earlier, we also received an opinion on PROXMOX VE version 6.

This is the first and at the moment the only virtualization system in Ukraine, which has an expert opinion from the SSSCIP of Ukraine.

More information can be found in the product description on the page .



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