Release Distribution Ubuntu*Pack (OEMPack) 22.04

The Ubuntu*Pack 22.04 distribution is available for free download, which is presented as 11 independent systems with different interfaces: Ubuntu (from Canonical), Budgie, Cinnamon, DDE (Deepin desktop environment), GNOME, KDE (Kubuntu), LikeWin (interface in Windows 10 style), LXqt (Lubuntu), MATE, Unity, Xfce (Xubuntu).

The distributions are based on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS operating system, which allows them to be used for a long time and are designed only for 64-bit platforms.

The main differences between our distributions and the original Ubuntu is the already implemented official updates, additionally installed various graphical interfaces, multimedia and additional drivers and programs that are absent in the original version, but in our opinion they are useful.

This allowed Ubuntu*Pack 22.04 to be built as a self-contained solution with all the necessary software out of the box. This solution is suitable both for use on a home or work computer, and for installations on new computer equipment.

What's new:

  • the distribution is based on the codebase of the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS operating system;
  • includes all official Ubuntu 22.04 updates through March 2023;
  • the newer Linux-HWE kernel is used by default;
  • distributions with outdated GNOME Classic and GNOME Flashback interfaces are excluded from the Ubuntu*Pack line due to their non-updatable and inconvenient interface. If desired, users can add these interfaces to an already installed system;

and other changes.

You can find more details on the distribution page.

Ubuntu*Pack 22.04 is free to download or buy with technical support on DVD or USB Flash.

On the basis of this distribution, a "Protected Ubuntu*Pack" was developed, which has an expert opinion from the SSSCPI of Ukraine.



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