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OEM Pack

- full-featured and robust operating system, with its clear and simple graphical interface.
Contains all the necessary user applications, including programs for the office.

The distribution is intended for home and office use on a "set and forget". Contains all the necessary user applications, including packs, software to play movies and music, working with documents (MS Office, PDF, etc.), image files, browse the Internet, etc.

The ideal system for deliveries of manufactured PC, as it requires no downloads additional components from the Internet, as well as an assistant for the firms involved in implementing OS GNU / Linux.

Available our repository for Ubuntu

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✔ full support for Russian , Ukrainian and English languages;
✔ full support for multimedia (audio and video files of different formats such as : avi, divX, mp4, mkv, amr, aac, Adobe Flash and many others) , as well as Bluray;
✔ full set of components Libre Office including support for file import MS Visio;
✔ additional libraries to support OpenGL 3D (mesa, compiz) + control panel spetsefektov ;
✔ Control Panel 3D effects (including support for 3D desktop cube ;
✔ ability to use Windows- driver for the USB- adapter WiFi;
✔ Support for additional types of archives (RAR, ACE, ARJ, 7Z and other );
✔ full support for Windows- network and convenient tool to configure it ;
✔ comfortable desktop management system Firewall;
✔ present Java -enabled Firefox, Chrome and Chromium and others;
✔ additional drivers for printers (HP and others);
✔ video management devices including webcams ;
✔ support for touch- screens and their calibration ;
✔ simple and convenient file search utility ;
✔ ability to connect WiFi- network cards with USB- interface using the Windows- drivers ;
✔ ability to save in PDF format for all programs;
✔ detailed graphical tool providing information about the hardware of the computer ;
✔ support for PPTP (VPN) and OpenVPN.

We offer distributions Ubuntu*Pack with various embodiments of user interfaces:

Unity - the universal interface of the company Canonical, optimized for computers and tablets
Classic - a classic representation of the desktop in the style of GNOME 2
GNOME Shell - a universal interface developers to GNOME. Its other name - GNOME 3
GNOME Shell (Classic) - version of the classic presentation of the GNOME 2 desktop in the style GNOME 3
Cinnamon - interface close to the style of Windows uses GNOME 3
Razor - modern, convenient and fast interface that works well on low-end PCs

Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Unity

Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Unity Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Unity
Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Classic

Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Fallback Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Classic

Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 GNOME Shell

Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 GNOME Shell Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 GNOME Shell
Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 GNOME Shell (Classic)

Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 GNOME Shell (Classic) Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 GNOME Shell (Classic)

Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Cinnamon

Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Cinnamon Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Cinnamon
Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Razor

Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Razor Ubuntu*Pack 14.10 Razor

as well: Lubuntu OEM, Kubuntu OEM and Xubuntu OEM:

Lubuntu - the easiest distribution. Ability to run on computers with memory 128M allows you to run it on almost any computer. Interface resembles the classic "windows".

Kubuntu - if you are very close to the interface of Windows and you do not want him to withdraw, but work with LINUX you enjoy, this distribution is for you. The system interface is designed in a familiar Windows-style, and change the work environment will not be a major "shock".

Xubuntu - primarily designed for slower computers. At the moment, most of these computers is concentrated in public institutions (as well as schools, colleges), which updates the hardware are rare.

Lubuntu*Pack 14.04 OEM

Lubuntu*Pack 14.04 Lubuntu*Pack 14.04
Xubuntu*Pack 14.04 OEM

Xubuntu*Pack 14.04 OEM Xubuntu*Pack 14.04 OEM

Kubuntu*Pack 14.04 OEM

Kubuntu*Pack 14.04 OEM Kubuntu*Pack 14.04 OEM

Advantages when installed on new computers OEM Pack:
✔ Low price compared to those of your competitors;
✔ The system has a colorful interface. This will increase the attractiveness of the demonstration PC to potential buyers;
✔ The speed and simplicity of the preset in the production of the customer;
✔ The ability to quickly test the basic functionality of a PC collected;
✔ Support for a wide range of modern equipment;
✔ Secure, reliable protection against viruses and the stability of the installed OS.

When buying OEM Pack:
✔ DVD distribution medium;
✔ Talon technical support services;
✔ Supporting documents from UALinux;
✔ A sticker on the computer case.

UALinux program for suppliers of computer equipment:
The program of work will deliver software as OEM Pack preloaded version or as a companion to the delivery carrier with computers and / or accessories.
Participation in the program of UALinux allows PC makers to reduce the cost of preinstalled software, thereby obtaining a competitive advantage.

Partnership with UALinux - it's a real savings for your company.
If you - the system integrator, manufacturer or supplier of computer technology, we want to work with you.

Also available for download from the previous LTS version

Ubuntu*Pack 14.04.1 (Unity, Classic, GNOME Shell, GNOME Shell Classic, Cinnamon, Razor)
Lubuntu*Pack 14.04.1, Xubuntu*Pack 14.04.1, Kubuntu*Pack 14.04.1

Ubuntu*Pack 12.04.4 (Unity, Classic, GNOME Shell, Cinnamon)
Lubuntu*Pack 12.04.4, Xubuntu*Pack 12.04.4, Kubuntu*Pack 12.04.4