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    Ubuntu® -->

  • Ubuntu® BusinessPack

    The operating system based on Ubuntu,
    is focused on ease of use and
    usability and
    contains all the necessary selection of software.

Release distribution Ubuntu BusinessPack version 18.04 and update distribution previous version 16.04.

Ubuntu BusinessPack is:
✔ full set of office components
✔ extensive multimedia support including IP-TV Internet TV
✔ support for running windows-programs
✔ tool for reliable and efficient data recovery on Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 file systems

- includes all official updates for July 2019
- in addition to features that already existed previously, the new version also appeared new features:

  • integration with Active Directory and FreeIPA domains
  • user authentication via USB drive and fingerprint
  • work with digital signatures and secure media


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